रामचरण की कुछ बेहतरीन मूवीज जिन्हे एक बार देखना तो बनता हैं 

RRR (2022) A fictitious story about two legendary revolutionaries and their journey away from home before they started fighting for their country in the 1920s.

Dhruva (2016) A committed police officer is on a very dangerous mission to destroy the most corrupt person in the country, Siddharth Abhimanyu. 

Acharya (2022) While Padaghattam masters Ayurveda, its neighbouring village, Dharmasthali, is tormented by corrupt leaders until a mysterious stranger turns up to stop illegal practices and fulfil his friend's wish.

Yevadu (2014) A young man receives a life-saving face transplant after he is critically injured and his girlfriend is murdered in a vicious attack. Unrecognisable to his enemies, he sets out for revenge. Later his new face creates new problems for him.

Magadheera (2009) A warrior gets reincarnated 400 years later, after trying to save the princess and the kingdom, who also dies along with him. He then sets back again to fight against all odds and win back his love. 

Rangsthalam (2022) Chitti Babuis is a happy-go-lucky man who has a hearing disability. His brother Kumar Babu returns from Dubai only to see that nothing in the village has changed, so he decides to go up against the dreaded President.